Kathy Ignazio: Diamond Executive (Olmsted Township, OH)

Duration : 8:01

As a successful Project Manager in the banking industry and single mother of 2, Kathy turned to FITTEAM to supplement her income and provide opportunities for her family. She found that FITTEAM was the perfect place to make a great living by helping people.


Kelly Stewart: Diamond Executive (Minot, ND)

Duration : 8:18

A former O.R. Surgical Tech and mother of 3 who also ran her own daycare, Kelly’s life was turned upside down when her town and her home fell victim to a devastating flood. Looking for other ways to help support her family, her success story is that FITTEAM allowed her to do that and help friends and family as well.


Julie Smith : Diamond Executive (Olmsted Township, OH)

Duration : 8:22

Julie’s success story began with being able to provide for her 2 daughters, both of whom dance competitively. She saw FITTEAM as a way to achieve financial and time freedom. Her journey taught her not to be afraid of failure, to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.


Brenda Johnson : Diamond Executive (Burleson, TX)

Duration : 9:48

As a Dental Hygienist who married her high school sweetheart and raised 2 sons, Brenda was still looking for more. FITTEAM sparked in her an energy and passion for life. Through building her business, she realized that helping others made it all worthwhile and allowed her the time and ability to give back in even greater ways.


Katie Lavergne : Diamond Executive (Salol, MN)

Duration : 9:08

Living in a small rural town, Katie was always taught that if you worked hard you could achieve anything. She worked in a factory to help provide for her daughter until her hours were cut back. FITTEAM helped Katie and Rene achieve more than they ever thought possible. You really can build a business anywhere.


Marie Bedell : Diamond Executive (Melbourne, FL)

Duration : 7:48

Even with a degree in Zoology and a Master’s in Accounting, Marie still lacked confidence until she found FITTEAM. Embracing her new business and working hard, she realized that she now controls her life, her schedule, and her income. FITTEAM allows her to help change people’s quality of life.


Tara Wiskow : Diamond Executive (Greenbush, MN)

Duration : 9:36

As mother to a blended family of 5 kids, and a Teacher, Tara struggled with her weight and confidence. Then she found FITTEAM! She joined for the weight loss and got more than she ever bargained for. In just 2 months she was making more than her teachers salary. Now as a Diamond Executive, she appreciates life every day.


Vicki Taft : Double Diamond Executive (Mansfield, TX)

Duration : 8:33

With 23 years as an RN and 15 years as a school nurse, Vicki saw FITTEAM as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Her hard work paid off and has provided a wealth of opportunities for her and her family, but most of all it allows her to spend more time with her children and grandchildren.


Lisa & Matthew Yeip : Diamond Executive (Macomb, MI)

Duration : 8:02

Married to her high school sweetheart Matt, and a proud mother of 4 children, Lisa enjoyed her job as a Teacher. She found the FITTEAM products and loved how they made her feel. Her business building strategy is to decide to do it, work hard, and you WILL succeed! But she most loves how FITTEAM helps her change lives and make a difference.


Paula Turk : Diamond Executive (Farmingdale, NY)

Duration : 6:35

Health and wellness were always important to Paula as a personal Trainer. But FITTEAM brought even more to her life and allowed her to focus on living. With a simple and duplicatable system, FITTEAM has all the tools that someone needs to succeed – and Paula is living proof of that.


Debby Gasperoni : Double Diamond Executive (Macomb, MI)

Duration : 7:25

After 20 years as a Senior Graphic Designer for a financial firm, Debby suddenly found herself unemployed. FITTEAM helped her replace that income and allowed her to be home for her family, and to help and teach others how to do the same. Focused on success, Debby is driven to build a legacy and make a better life for her family.


Leigh-Ann Carney : Diamond Executive (Bethpage, NY)

Duration : 9:34

Leigh-Ann’s story began with significant health challenges. As a mother of 3 and wife of a New York City Police Detective, Leigh Ann was looking for something more. FITTEAM reinforced what her Father always taught her – Dream big and take action to help others. Today, her business allows her to do just that.


Matt & Julie Mlynarek : Triple Diamond (Shelby Township, MI)

Duration : 8:30

As parents of 3 kids, Matt and Julie’s relationship and finances were struggling. He worked as a teacher and they owned a pizzeria, but were missing the most important part of their kids’ lives. FITTEAM helped them get their lives back. Now, instead of surviving, they are thriving – and they believe that anyone can!




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